An email came from my operator

An email came from my operator

I have been running Vimla as an operator for a few years now and I am incredibly happy with that choice! What makes Vimla a favorite is i.a. that they choose to donate part of the profits to charity.

Yesterday came an email that Vimla has a result… a result with what we customers want Vimla to spend money on, when it comes to charity.


You and other users have together collected SEK 77,341 to the Swedish Animal Ambulance!

Thank you for your votes and commitment in Vimla-Valet 2020. The Swedish Animal Ambulance received 52% of all hearts collected in 2020. This means SEK 77,341 for their important work to save sick and injured animals <3

“Thank you very much for your votes in the Vimla Election. Your gift will help us continue to save sick and injured animals. With the help of donations and gifts, we have just ordered two new animal ambulances, which makes it possible for us to transport more injured and sick animals to animal hospitals around the country. ”
Camilla, Swedish Animal Ambulance

Now it was not only the Animal Ambulance that received money, but read more about it at

Become a customer at Vimla via my tip link and we both get SEK 10 / month at a discount and this applies as long as we are both customers. Then invite your friends and you get an additional discount.

Thanks Vimla! <3

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