Nissan Fairlady Z sports car 400Z appeared after 15 years

Nissan Fairlady Z sports car 400Z appeared after 15 years

Fairlady Z is one of Nissan’s classic car series. Unlike the GT-R series that takes the high-tech route, Fairlady Z is known for its beautiful two-door sports car design. In September last year, Nissan announced the Z Proto, a highly completed concept car, which made the outside world full of expectations for the new Fairlady Z. The last Fairlady Z was 15 years ago, and the successor model has recently leaked out spy photos.

A few days ago, foreign media published a number of spy photos of the 400Z production version of the new Fairlady series. The photos only saw the front, rear and inner cage of the car. The most anticipated car side design has not yet been fully exposed. From the spy photos, it can be seen that the 400Z’s shape is similar to the Z Proto concept car, but the front spoiler is more domineering, and the lines of the body look sharper than the design of the concept car. It is estimated that it is related to simplifying the process when it is officially put into production. The all-black taillight design at the rear of the car has a tribute to the 300ZZ in the 1990s, while the rear wing is not available in the Z Proto.

Nissan added the classic dual-spherical instrument to the inner cage of the 400Z, and added a little element of the original 240Z in addition to the large touch screen and electronic display screen necessary for the new car. In addition, you can see the gear ring, manual handbrake lever, and metal pedals of the Fairlady Z series. The news is that Nissan will equip the 400Z with a 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 engine. The new one should be released in the second half of this year and is expected to be on the market next year.

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