The Best Razer gaming mouse with configurable buttons:


Games have become an essential platform for youth as they are getting familiar with the technology through games. To grasp better and to have control in games, gamers need some technical accessories with them. And a gaming mouse is one of them. It is hard to find a mouse that gives you full control and power to play at your peak level. We are going to uncover one gaming mouse whose features and functions would be according to your preferences.

Razer gaming mouse with configurable buttons is one of the leading accessories manufactured by a multinational technology company Razer. Razer gaming mice cover all the qualities that you require not only for gaming but productivity also. It is like a weapon for gamers, with which they can win an online competition sitting against their PC. For MOBA or MMO video games, players might find it hard to handle a critical gaming situation with a regular gaming mouse. So, instead of wasting time and money, gamers move towards a Razer gaming mouse with customizable and replaceable buttons.

Features of Razer gaming mouse:

Let’s move to its functions and features. That makes it deadly-accurate and trustworthy if you are in search of a perfect mouse.

  • Optical sensors: The standard unit to measure mouse sensitivity is DPI (dots per linear inches). Razer gaming mouse has the most advanced and best optical sensor, a 5G optical sensor. And provide up to 16000 DPI, which is the most accurate DPI for gaming. Moreover, It has a smart racking speed with IPS up to 450.
  • Configurable Buttons: With a Best Razer gaming mouse, you will have three replaceable plates. Each plate is with a different number of the button. The first one is with two buttons, the second one has 7, and last but not least, you will have 12 buttons to have full control over the game. You can change these plates per your need.
  • Programmable Buttons: For specific actions, hyper-responsive programmable buttons are necessary for gameplay. And this is the specialty of the only high-end mouse. So, the Razer gaming mouse offers this by giving up to 19 programmable buttons. Through which it has become easy and quick to give a command.
  • Tactile scroll wheel: Razer gaming mouse is perfectly-tuned for scrolling at a lower resistance. So, you will have closer control and flawless execution in gameplay.
  • Customizable: Razer gaming mouse earned so much popularity because of its customizable parts. You can switch to any plate following your current work situation.
  • Ergonomics design: undoubtedly, its design is the most eye-catching part. Razer gaming mice with configurable buttons gives a versatile look with the compact size and perfect palm grip. Its anti-slip surface gives you full control of the cursor and ultimately to your gaming battle.


RGB lighting Yes
Connectivity Through Wire
DPIUp to 16000
IPSUp to 450
Sensors optical
Item weight0.26 lbs


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