TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry



There was once a time when the game industry could not impress with many good projects and did not compete with literature and cinema. Everything has changed thanks to excellent game designers – but who are these legendary people and what exactly did they come up with? Jump into the article and find out!


Hidetaka Miyazaki. Made the best game of all time

FromSoftware has long been associated with the souls-esque genre. Many have forgotten that before Miyazaki (Hidetaka Miyazaki) joined the team, the studio released fifty other games – including fighting games, horror, card projects and action games about fur. However, even the glorious Armored Core series is far from a success.demon souls,dark souls,Bloodborne of Elden Ring.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

When Miyazaki got into game development, he was already in his thirties. At the same time, in FromSoftware he was originally a scheduler and not developing. Over time, however, creativity took over and the maestro was still allowed to make games.

The development of Demon’s Souls Miyazaki was not commissioned because they saw him as a genius. No one just knew what to do with the game – working on it was absolute chaos. Hidetaka proposed a curious experiment and got a chance to prove himself. As we know, he threw the opportunity one hundred percent.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

In 2009, the industry wanted to simplify anything and everything. Games were aimed at the widest possible audience and preferred not to pose a serious challenge. However, Miyazaki took a risk and developed the most unfriendly game that surprised by its complexity.

Misty plot, lack of adequate training, enemies that kill with a few hits, hulking bosses with elaborate designs. It seems that Demon’s Souls should have gone unnoticed, news site, but things turned out differently. Gamers liked the world full of dangers and high complexity – it is important that the game was tense, but did not set impossible tasks.

Miyazaki continued to develop the concept and released Dark Souls in 2011, which recently won the title of best game of all time according to the Golden Joystick Awards. The developer managed to come up with a new genre and change the game industry.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

The maestro started his career in gaming at a respectable age and still managed to find greatness. Maybe you can do something similar and make a great game? This is possible with a good team. You are just one click away from working in game development.


Hideo Kojima. Stunned the minds of gamers

Released in 1987Metal Gear was not Hideo Kojima’s first project, but it was she who made the world talk about the talented Japanese. It’s not even that the developer revolutionized the stealth genre. He filled the game with an unimaginable amount of little things that blew the minds of gamers.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

For example, the enemies not only kept watch or patrolled the area, but obeyed the routine. At lunch they ate, and at night they fell asleep willingly – the main character Snake had to take these factors into account. At the same time, as soon as they noticed the enemy, the guards called for reinforcements instead of firing banally and began to hunt.

In the next part of the chips there were even more. If the hero was in the water for a long time, he could get sick and cough – the sound betrayed his location to the enemies. To land on the enemy base, it was necessary to take into account the direction of the wind – cigarette smoke helped with this. It was possible to distract the enemies by inserting the Zanzibar national anthem into the tape recorder. Then the soldiers stopped patrolling and stiffened.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

Kojima also started breaking the fourth wall from the first part. In Metal Gear, the antagonist talked to Snake on the radio and sometimes addressed the player directly, suggesting to stop fighting and turn off the game.

The coolest interaction with a gamer was in Metal Gear Solid, where the hero faced the boss Mantis. He was a telepath, able to read the player like an open book. First, the superhuman analyzed Snake’s past: how effectively he fought, how often he saved, whether he was quiet or making a lot of noise. Then the boss himself asked the player to put the controller on the table and, thanks to the vibration motors, it started to move with the “thought power”.

Since Psycho Mantis was a clairvoyant, dodging shots and punches was a cinch for him. The easiest way to defeat the bad guy is to switch the gamepad to another slot, confusing the enemy.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

The attention to detail, the desire to surprise gamers and the development of the script made Kojima one of the greatest developers of all time. His projects have really changed the game industry.


Shinji Mikami. Survival horror made awesome

The survival horror genre was around before Mikami came up with a zombie game. When Resident Evil came out, three volumes of Alone in the Dark were already on store shelves. However, the creation of the Japanese developer turned out to be so amazing that the competitor disappeared from the radar for a long time.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

The point is that the originalResident Evil has become a reference horror that is still not obsolete. The eerie atmosphere still keeps in suspense. Slowly opening doors, behind which any danger may exist, continue to tighten. The first encounter with the zombies even gives me the creeps on the tenth playthrough. Dobermans jumping through windows are impossible to get used to. Slimes are still nightmares for gamers.

There are many impressive episodes in the game 1996 and it is impossible to forget them. Because of this, the publisher has recently improved the game’s graphics and is still actively selling it, and gamers love to play the classics.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

Interestingly, Mikami was released in 2005Resident Evil 4, where he reinvented the genre. Initially, the game designer developed the old concept. Fixed camera, closed locations, unhurried gameplay – this had to be the fourth part.

When the game was half over, Mikami realized that he wasn’t happy with the result. Then the maestro decided to innovate: by a determined decision, the developments were sent to scrap and the team began to transform the series.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

As a result, Resident Evil 4 became a different game. The camera went over Leon’s shoulder, there were more enemies, wider locations. There were even epic cutscenes from QTE. Perhaps most old-school fans didn’t accept the changes, but most gamers were delighted. Still, the fourth part is considered one of the best games in history for a reason.


Peter Molyneux. Invented a god simulator and much more

Peter Molyneux is often underestimated. All because of promises it failed to keep during developmentfable. The developer thought too big and made many statements that were not destined to come true. Don’t forget, though, that Molyneux has released many great games that have become genre-developing.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

In 1989 he createddensely populated. It was a god simulator where the gamer couldn’t control the units manually, just pushed them to take decisive action. It was possible to terraform the area, create volcanoes, connect islands, and even knock down fireballs on the ground, but taking control of subjects was not.

The idea turned out to be innovative and developed for a long time. The best project in the genre of “god simulator” was released in 2001Black & White, for which Molyneux was also responsible.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

But Peter also came up with many other goodies: for example, in 1994 he releasedtheme park. It was an amusement park owner simulator where gamers built rides, built trails, bakeries, set up benches, ice cream stands and made money. At the same time, the attractions broke down and the visitors rioted, strewn and got bored – in order to make a profit, the player had to keep an eye on many factors.

Theme Park was a huge success, selling over 15 million copies. After that, the developers realized that the genre of “simulators” is worth paying attention to.

Of course, Peter Molyneux’s ambitions played a cruel joke on him. However, the game designer has enough credit to be considered one of the biggest innovators in the industry.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

Shigeru Miyamoto. Made the childhood of millions of children happy

In 1998, Shigeru Miyamoto became the first game developer to be inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame. The decision is one hundred percent right, because the Japanese created many cult series and made many children happy. Without him, the youngsters wouldn’t have jumped on mushrooms, piloted a mustachioed plumber, met Donkey Kong, and saved Zelda from Ganon.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

For a series The Legend of Zelda, Miyamoto should express a separate “respect”. The first volume was released in 1987 and marked the beginning of the series. In the story, the army of the Prince of Darkness Ganon invades Hyrule. The kingdom fails to fight back the invaders: as a result, the land is devastated and Ganon draws all his paws to the artifact Triforce of Power, which gives its owner unprecedented power.

Fortunately, Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, manages to divide the precious little thing into eight parts and spread them over a large area. Now all hope is for Link, who has accidentally fallen into a trap: he will have to collect the fragments, gain power and give Ganon in the teeth.

The plot was simple, but at the time, many developers generally ignored the story. Miyamoto, on the other hand, came up with a pleasant lore and memorable characters that have gone down in video game history. Yet not only Robin Williams (Robin Williams) named his daughter Zelda.

The gameplay is still not bad, and even in 1986 it seemed completely revolutionary: it combined elements of action, quest and RPG. The hero fought villains, solved riddles, searched labyrinths, switched weapons and used magical items such as watches that stop time.

At the same time, Link didn’t even have a sword at first – just a shield that protected against enemy blows. To complete the mission, he had to find equipment, fight many enemies and search many locations.

TOP 5 game designers who changed the game industry

During his long career as a game designer, Miyamoto has contributed a lot to the platformer and RPG genres. If it weren’t for him, modern gaming would be very different.


The list of outstanding innovators is endless: Sid Meier, John Romero, Michael Morhaime, Tim Sweeney – everyone has their own hero. The achievements of these creators have inspired many to create cool games. Maybe one day you will develop something great? Working at ZiMAD can be a good start: check out the vacancy and give game development a try!

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